A page from an introvert’s diary

Silence is an underrated thing. There is unmatched beauty in silence. It brings you close to the person whom you keep on ignoring in your busy schedule(which, in turn, you yourself made busy by choice – believe it or not! So, respect it!),a person you should love the most in your life – and yes, you guessed it right- that person is you yourself! I mean it. Silence has the power to make the bond between you and yourself strong.

Silence is bliss. It has a lot of words but no sound in them. Silence helps to give a way to some thoughts which were “jailed” in your mind since few days, weeks, months or may be years! Silence gives you a new perspective – an altogether fresh view of everything you see everyday! It makes you adore the things in your surrounding. It makes you introspect.
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Who says silence is awkward? Believe me, it’s not! Next time you are alone and are trying to entertain yourself or just pass the time or kill the feeling of loneliness with the mobile in your hand, just stop! Stop for a while, give silence a try…peep inside your colorful mind with countless shades, it has many stories to tell you – might be interesting or perhaps more important than the thing you were seeing in your mobile. Use that silence to appreciate and admire little things in your life, use that silence to think about and love those people who form important part of your life, use that silence to try to see the things calmly and peacefully. It is much needed in today’s life full of hustle-bustle!
Yes, my dear friend, not all things can be expressed and experienced with sounds and they need not be! Let us try to light up our inner-selves with the help of silence!

“Silence is a source of great strength” – Laozi
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Embrace the shadows!

So, the other day, I was walking in my college campus from the computer centre to my hostel enjoying the scenic beauty of the central lawns and experiencing the breeze flowing through my open hair with my favourite songs playing on in the earphones! Just another day.
On my way, something caught my attention…just another rainy day and I saw a little plant peeping out from behind the rocks and cement, in a kind of isolated area where proper nutrition might not be available for the plant. It was away from all other plants which were properly maintained by the college and meticulously watered, nurtured according to schedules. My mind – which goes on wandering here and there, relating things(and sometimes overthinking :P) started telling me story of day today life…
I thought, we humans are the most mentally advanced species in this world. But many times, we use our mind to simply complain – wait, let me put it more clearly – “create complaints” about things, about situations, about people and what not! Here was this tiny plant which taught me how to be fresh and
supple when the conditions are not what you want them to be. This amicable plant whispered in my ears, “Dude, why not mould yourself so as to make the best use of available condition instead of “creating complaints”? You know what, not everything is perfect! You should learn to embrace the shadows as much as you embrace the light out there. Do you find yourself complaining about little things? Ask yourself once… give it a thought…” Oh, yes, moulding myself in the conditions which cannot be changed or are not in my control is a far better option than simply self-creating complaints! Had I forgotten this while wandering in the world of self created complaints? I smiled to myself. Thanked that shrub that gave me such a valuable advice- valuable indeed!
That single bit of advice is helping me simplify my life – I am learning, I am growing, I am trying to embrace the shadows!
I am getting high on life!
Thank you dear shrub!

Finding passion!(?)

So, here I am, with a lens in my hand and trying to find my passion… I listen, I watch, I read a bunch of things out there that glorify “Find your passion.” I thought for a while. Are passions inherited in the genes? Are they built up by default, by birth? Do we really have to search countless things to check if they are our passion? Oh man, that’s just next to impossible! Are you also one of those who is searching for passions?
After some years of thought over this, talking to some people who have “settled” in their careers, boggling my head over “finding my passion”, I found a thing to note, it’s through a process of investment and development that you develop an abiding passion in a field!It does not exist there by default!
A study says, some researchers had students watch a video made by The Guardian for a general audience about Stephen Hawking’s ideas. It was easy to understand and entertaining. Then the researchers had the students read a highly technical, challenging article in the academic journal Science about black holes. Despite saying just moments ago, after viewing the video, that they were fascinated by black holes, the students said they were no longer interested in black holes after reading the difficult Science article. In other words, when you’re told that your interests are somehow ingrained, you give up on new interests as soon as the going gets tough. If something becomes difficult, it’s easy to assume that it simply must not have been your passion, after all. I think in this case, the ones who stick, succeed and those who do not, “lose”.
The people with growth-mindset! I think, no one is “pro” at something from the beginning. Everyone has to start doing things from the basic, invest time and resources and developing their way for one foot next. I think we can like a lot many things at a time and we can dislike some of them after certain years and might like some other things which we never encountered before. It is okay to be with it. What matters is how you develop yourself in that field. What matters is how you try to beautify your own perspective towards that field and how you can get the most out of what that field has to offer to you! Every field has a beauty of its own. It is okay to choose it (or sometimes get it!) and then dig deeper in it to explore it…like a child… removing all the prejudices about the field and be ready to gather what it gives!
I think it is that growth mindset – that unending hunger to improve, that quest for more and still rejoicing with the peace of what one has now. Yes, the bottom line is growth-mindset!

Ladies, “the you” in yourself !

I really don’t get the meaning of remarks like “my daughter/wife/mother, etc. is not less than a man.” I mean really? By saying this, you are concreting the opinion: man is the best and you need to change yourself to be like him or “improve” yourself to be like a man.
I think we need to tell women that they are what they are AND they are awesome with what they are.
Women are elegant, caring, mature and bold. Why on earth do you need to be “less woman” to be successful? I say, there is literally no comparison possible between any 2 individuals on the earth. May it be 2 boys, 2 girls or a boy and a girl. There are a lot of factors which come into picture like the environment in which you grew since childhood, the way your thinking and working process is, etc. I would say, comparing any 2 individual does not make any sense until and unless the reference line is the same for both. And apparently, it cannot be the same ever!
We are what we are and we need to constantly improve ourselves with each passing day. We make mistakes and repeat them – it’s okay. But the fire in us will surely guide us to some or the other way.
So, girls, there is literally no need to show that you are not less than a man.
Choose your thoughts and be unstoppable, blossom with freedom! Do not let the circumstances define who you are, but let yourself define who you are and who you want to be. You do not want to be like a boy, you just want to be the best version of yourself, kindle the fire of who you are.
In today’s world of connected (but unconnected!) minds, social media is a large influence. Sure, it has a lot of positive sides, but personally, I think, it tempts immature teens to show and form their image and style to the society. I would say, show it to your own self once, connect to your own self once and live the real you in yourself! Swami Vivekananda says, talk to yourself once every day, otherwise, you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world.
So, I think, illumination lies in enjoying the womanhood and not changing it into manhood. Illumination lies in building up ourselves from the ground up and trying our best to make full use of whatever we have got as a human being, illumination lies in spending more time with ourselves than with the social media show profiles, illumination lies in rising up, and living every present moment to the fullest, getting high on life, because, life is beautiful…the air that we breathe in, the soil that we put our feet on, the stars that shine for us! Let us feel the harmony, the vibe of being woman. Let us start resonating with ourselves and the you in yourself will glow brightly.


Dedicated to my best friend


To my best friend,
You are ubiquitous! Just some time back you were sitting right next to me with your face buried in a book. So engrossed yet adorable. I just smiled to myself and got back to my work. You are like the drizzling rain. Even if it is noon sun out there, I feel freshness of that rain. You are like strokes of abstract painting…gazing you makes one feel like some random common human being but close observation makes your uniqueness stand out!
So calming, like an untouched, serene island somewhere unnoticed on this huge planet. Freshness and solace of seashore breeze comes with your arrival. Your eyes tell the story of some deep dark dense forest where even sunlight cannot touch the very bottom soil…so introverted.
Your memories randomly gather together in my mind when I am riding slowly on my bicycle, passing a garden full of beautiful, colorful flowers, on a busy day, when I am all away from this world full of so many people. So many people, really, and I stumbled upon you to find a soul of child, yet mature within an iron body. That is how you are-pristine and honest, the peace that I search, a shoulder that gives me support in my journey…will be always there with me…in my long journey…long and deep journey…

the voyager 🙂

To that magic-to my papa

Away from this world – full of so many people, out there is a corner of solitude – my own little world … a world full of countless curiosities, moot yet engaging talks with myself and thinking over a bunch of random things. I, with vapours coming out of that cup of coffee sitting near a window, watching that endless rain, listening to the rustling of those leaves when soft air drifts through them.
I wonder about simple things. No complicated stuff in the world makes me as happy as these things do. And I get lost in them … I lose myself in admiring these little things. Just that moment when papa subconsciously held my palm and pressed gently while we are crossing the road. Hell yeah, I am 20 now! I don’t need anyone’s assistance to cross the road, man! But, a beautiful bond formed long back – 20 years ago – made him do that, subconsciously. When my eyes were wandering here and there, in the confusion of finding my way to cross the road – full of busy vehicles – some slow, some fast, when my eyebrows rose up with the anxiety to run and cross the road, a large palm came there, I held it with my little fingers tightly, finally finding some relief and crossing the road like a princess! Admiring that king, who certainly became one of the most renowned kings of all kings and superhero of all heroes in my small, tiny world. How can I forget the importance of that unconditional love showered on me when I was that 2 years old mad girl?
Thoughts come and go. They never stay at a single place for a long time however tight I hold them. But, a stay of those beautiful thoughts, just for some moments makes those moments special, brings liveliness to the routine and brings a smile to my lips and spark in my eyes. Magic does exist, indeed!

The photograph

The memories flash up in my mind like a black and white photograph. I see a small room and a lap there. I just run like anything and go collapse in that lap. I experience a soft hand running through my 5 years old tiny head … a big hand … what all stories does that soft hand has? It can nourish and water those tiny plants in our balcony, it can turn mere leaves into a delicious cuisine, it can bend and sweat in gym, it can hold a big fat book with all its might and yeah … when that hand touches my face, I feel like heaven or is there any place better than heaven? I feel like that place!
Mom or aai or just any other innocent, adorable nick out there … eyes full of affection, smile which pleases any heart out there – however tiresome it is. Same eyes have the courage in them and same lips lock tightly with boldness. So many things … words fall short while describing it, else, will it take countless years to explain the feelings my heart carries about that person? A person-one in x billions out there.
My journey – started in your womb and I am here now. I fill colors into small – small patches of that black and white photograph … it is turning colorful slowly as I proceed through each year … now I reach 20, the photograph turned all colorful, lively and I hold it close to my chest, preserve it and cherish it … go on cherishing it!